Duo Mel "Soviet" 2x440
Square-shaped soft white chalk. Made by sawing a lump of chalk rock. Has characteristic traces of a power tool on the ends. Does not have a protective coating. Solid chalk crayons, no additives. The box contains 12 pcs. The weight of one box is 440 g.  When the Soviet government organized a large-scale program to eradicate illiteracy, chalk was needed on a proportional scale for writing and drawing. The Soviet Union had so many natural resources that it did not take long to find. And, although there is an excellent breed on the territory of the Ukrainian SSR, a school chalk plant was opened on the territory of the Belgorod region, and it still works.  🗜⠀ "Soviet". The gold standard among thousands of school chalk options is natural natural sawn chalk,  although he gets his hands dirty and rather immodest of dust  🚛  This is the only chalk in the country with a high degree of whiteness (reflection coefficient 88%) ⠀ Perhaps due to the plasticity of the rock, which affects the brightness and color saturation, sawn chalk seems to be elastic. It is not so easy to break it in your hands - compared to any pressed - excellent result on resistance to brittleness. At the same time, crayons break with such a pleasant ringing  🎹 The sawn "Soviet" is a pride. For a country that has a reasonable approach to the development of natural resources; for an enterprise that has preserved the traditions of production; for people who remember and recognize this chalk  💪

Duo Mel "Soviet" 2x440

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    Это воспоминания о детстве , о жарком лете, о даче . Очень натуралистичный и душистый с лёгкой крупинкой. Яркий, запоминающийся, он удивляет, восхищает и никого не оставляет равнодушным.