Chalk is our passion. The bright white natural breed has been attracting attention since childhood, but pure crayons cannot be found in stores. In 2014, with the goal of finding pure natural chalk, we were faced with a huge variety of nature. It turned out that depending on the region of production, the structure of the rock, density and even the color of the chalk changes.


Since then, we have become great connoisseurs and choose only pure chalk from different quarries for sale, because according to the technique of pressure and color brightness, everyone can choose the best grade for themselves.


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Legal address: Nab. Chelny, Druzhby Narodov Ave., 16

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

You can get acquainted with the varieties and prices of chalk here or by phone 8-950-311-01-77 Viber, Whats App, Telegram



Part of the proceeds we spend on helping the department of abandoned children of the children 's hospital 18 of the city hospital of Kazan on the street. R. Sorge, 2a. This is the only hospital that has a department for abandoned children aged 1 month to 4 years.

We are truly grateful to every customer for the opportunity to help young children.

2016 year

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Стац 18_2.jpg

2017 year


In 2017, our team joined in fundraising for the installation of a swing on the territory of the Orphanage of Privolzhsky District at 14 Agronomicheskaya.

On July 26, one swing was mounted on a rigid suspension and with a back - for the little ones, and one broken suspension on the existing support for the swing was replaced.

Together with the swing, we brought up fruit, which we gave to the kids in the camps.

2018 year

In order not to miss the gift, we call the orphanage and ask "Do you need something?" In the Children's Home of the Volga region of Kazan on Agronomicheskaya, 14 we were asked to help in buying clothes. We joined the fundraiser, for which the kids in the city's shopping center, together with teachers, picked up 25 jackets, windbreakers, sweaters and T-shirts for themselves and their friends.


2019 year

In the spring of 2019, we joined in helping the orphanage in the village. Nurlaty Zelenodolsk district.

A chainsaw to a workshop and a bathhouse, a music center for parties, microphones with Bluetooth, carnival costumes - this is something big and for everyone, something that will remain in an orphanage when someone finds a family.

And shampoos, deodorants, wet wipes, sweets, dryers, tea, sugar - what will go with every child to the health camp.

It seems that it is so elementary - to collect a child in a camp, but the fact is that upon departure the child is "removed from the allowance" and it is not always possible to provide the minimum set.


If you want to join us, call at any time - together we can purchase and take them to the department of abandoned children at the 18th hospital in the mountains. Kazan:


  • strawberries, cherries, apples, bananas, pears, dried fruits

  • juices (apple, grape)

  • cookies and gingerbread (no cream)

  • wet wipes

  • baby cream