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Why do you want to eat chalk?

"Are you edible crayons?" - This is a question that sellers in stationery stores hear more often than you might imagine. Customers say it in a whisper, embarrassed by their strange taste preferences, as if expecting to be laughed at ... In fact, there is nothing to be ashamed of. You want to eat a piece of chalk or lime when your body lacks some trace elements.

More often, the desire to eat chalk occurs with iron deficiency anemia, but you should consult a doctor who, based on your tests, will be able to accurately diagnose. As you can imagine, natural chalk does not contain iron, and therefore its consumption does not lead to recovery.

If you cannot refrain from eating chalk, then of all types of chalk produced by the industry, you can only eat pharmaceutical equivalents of natural chalk: calcium gluconate, calcium carbonate (natural chalk), calcium citrate and calcium chelate.


Let's compare the degree of absorption of calcium

from chalk and pharmaceutical forms of release:

🔵 Calcium gluconate - digestibility 2-3% 🤔 The tablets do not contain vitamin D3, so you need to take it additionally, otherwise the absorption rate drops to zero.

🔴Calcium carbonate (natural chalk). Calcium from chalk is absorbed by 17-22% in childbearing age and up to 17% in the older generation due to the different acidity of gastric juice. With prolonged use of chalk "in an especially large size" in the body, the likelihood of the accumulation of alkaline substances increases.

🔶 Calcium Citrate (This is an organic salt formed after the interaction of calcium carbonate with citric acid). It is absorbed by the body 2 times better than calcium carbonate, naturally in combination with vitamin D3. The absorption of calcium citrate does not depend on the acidity of gastric juice and is 44%. The use of calcium citrate does not give kidney stones in the form of stones, so this form of calcium is safe for health.

🔷 Calcium chelate. It is considered the best form of calcium products on the global market today. This form of calcium can often be found under the name "Ionic calcium". Calcium chelates can be absorbed by 90–98%, and there is no need to add vitamin D3.

🎓 So, calcium chelate won - calcium will be absorbed. You just need to know for sure that you have a calcium deficiency. This is the diagnosis.

👌 Well, do not forget that in most cases, attention to chalk is NOT associated with calcium deficiency. More often it is iron deficiency anemia, but the doctor will say more precisely.

Be mindful of your health🙏

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