School chalk

Here you will find school crayons made from natural chalk, in the production of which no binders (starch, paraffin, etc.) were used.

Stationery chalk and

"with what it is eaten"?


You will not find natural chalk crayons in a stationery store. Basically, modern blocks are supplied to the counters that do not get your hands dirty, write brightly on the asphalt and do not produce dust when writing. The "price" of such advantages is avoiding the use of natural chalk in production, the use of impurities and binders.

What crayons can you find in a stationery store:

⛔ Pressed crayons, molded from chalk powder: various binding materials are used in the manufacture, for example, starch, paraffin, etc.
😱 Crayons based on phosphogypsum, kaolin, polyacrylamide and water. I don't think anyone would think of trying such a crayon, it looks like it has a porous structure, it doesn't smell like chalk. Natural chalk is mixed with other ingredients and water to make porridge.
💣And the third type of school crayons: a mixture of gypsum binder and water using injection technology. For the softness of the crayons, and hence the improvement of their writing properties, it is proposed to add polyacrylamide to the mixture.
😩 Well, this is solid chemistry!

Come to us, we will tell you, we will show you real natural chalk, straight from the quarry.

Is this really a quality product?

All writing crayons in our store are made of natural chalk using special technologies. We have "clean" stationery crayons without dust from the Belarusian plant "Lantan", they do not stain hands and clothes.

We have Antoshka chalk from the domestic manufacturer Research Center Research Center in the Novosibirsk region, which does not contain harmful impurities.

The crown of our collection of school crayons is Belgorod soft sawn chalk "Soviet" and pressed "Classic". This is how he was remembered by many in his school, and it is now very difficult to find him in connection with the wide import of chemical products.


Why is natural chalk better than cheaper analogs?

Soft sawn Belgorod chalk "Sovetskiy" is an established brand on the school crayon market. We guarantee the stability of product quality, the uniqueness of the writing characteristics, and most importantly, the writer from the first stroke on the blackboard becomes a fan and chooses our chalk again and again.


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